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R&H Produce Food Safety

Food safety is the most important operational procedure here at R&H Produce. And with regulations changing frequently, we keep ourselves and our staff informed daily of any changes in food handling protocol. Here are some of the steps we take to maintain the highest standards in food safety:

  • Daily monitoring of FDA and USDA alerts and statements

  • Lot tracing to ensure we know where our product comes from and where it goes

  • Daily complete cleaning records and logs

  • Management and staff food safety training

  • Annual 3rd party audits by SAI Global Assurance

  • "Good Manufacturing Practices" self-audits

  • "Good Agricultural Practices" self-audits

  • Regular upgrades to standard sanitation operating procedures

Some of the institutions and guidelines R&H Produce associates with include:

  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP)

  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

  • North Carolina Department of Agriculture

  • Produce Marketing Association

We incorporate HACCP planning and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) as a system.  This concept is based on teamwork, continuous operations improvement, and three-way communication between management, sales, and production employees.  Quality improvement teams have been organized to address issues of:

  • Product Checks

  • Working Conditions

  • Waste Control

  • Equipment Maintenance

  • Operation Efficiency

  • Facility Safety

  • Sanitation

  • Personal Hygiene

The management at R&H Produce believes these measures will ensure that our products meet the highest standard of quality for the customer’s end use. Our HACCP plan consists of five critical control points.  We find that diligently monitoring these points allows us to anticipate any potential health hazards that may occur. Records and logs are maintained at each of the points:

  • Receiving inspection (product & truck)

  • Frequent random product temperature measurements

  • Frequent monitoring of cooler temperatures

  • Shipping inspection (product & truck)

  • Shipping Temperature (truck)

Some of our GMP practices are:

  • Workers’ health

  • Worker hygiene & work habits

  • Cooler maintenance

  • Warehouse maintenance

  • Equipment maintenance

  • Receiving procedures

  • Storage procedures

  • Shipping procedures

  • Cooler racks & equipment conditions (rust, paint)

  • Pallet control

  • Pest control (internal inspections & monthly Orkin inspections)

  • Environmental sanitation procedures

  • Packaging material handling and storage

  • Restroom and hand washing stations

  • Product handling tools

  • Food Allergen awareness (eggs, peanuts, etc)

  • Raw animal product handling (eggs, meats)

  • Glass policy and breakage procedures

  • Product lot tracing and recalls

  • Weekly internal audits

  • Yearly third party audits (Steritech, Inc)

  • Frequent food safety management meetings and employee training

  • Up to date cleaning logs (daily, weekly, monthly)

Check out our annual SAI Global Assurance audit results here.